Slimming Belt is ideal for all age groups who seeks exceptional fitness goals and looking to soothe and relax their muscles.

The pad is incredibly lightweight and can be used anywhere. It fits most beds, chairs, and other furniture.

The world’s smallest massage belt
8.6 inches
Extremely light & handy
Enhance muscleendurance

Slimming Belt by ISUKOSHI

Live Your Life In A Fashionable Way.

Ache feeling arises with heating

Ache feeling spreads around the cushion

With heating in massage parts, comfort starts

tight & slim waist with a gorgeous body

Forget baby belly, bear belly & bucket waist with cure of office illness

Say goodbye to fat and show your hot body

Your Health We Care.

Now more and more people would feel so much tired than ever with the problem of prolonged fixed posture, lack of exercise, poor diet, work stress, flabby stoach. Come and use the sofo Massage belt when ever & where ever you want to keep yourself graceful, which is extremely beneficial to your body shape & works like a massage therapist.

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