I-Fit is ideal for all age groups who seeks exceptional fitness goals and looking to soothe and relax their muscles.

The pad is incredibly lightweight and can be used anywhere. It fits most beds, chairs, and other furniture.

Relax The Muscles
Improve body’s balance and coordination
Strenthen the cardiovascular system
Enhance muscleendurance


See Yourself In New Light.

Slow Cycling

consume 35-45 calories

Medium Cycling

consume 60-90 calories


consume100-130 calories

Body Shaping

Muscle Firming

Effective Results.

Your Health We Care.

With a consistant use of I-Fit you'll see significant Loss of weight and building of body muscles Accelerate fat burning and weight loss, it also Improve muscle strength, flexibility & circulation-incorporate upper & Lower body and proven substitute of core workouts

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